415 Unsupported Media Type

The HTTP 415 status code means a server refuses to process the request because the request body (also known as the request entity or payload) format is unsupported.

This error might occur when the Content-Type or Content-Encoding header(s) are incorrect or missing. The server also reserves the right to return this status code upon inspecting the body, regardless of the correctness of those headers.


The Content-Type header indicates the media type (MIME) of the payload. Make sure to include this header with all HTTP requests containing a request body, such as POST, PUT, and PATCH requests.

Content-Type: application/json


The Content-Encoding header indicates which compression method (encoding) is applied to the request body. Compression can speed up web browsing and save bandwidth by encoding data using fewer bits than the original representation. The most common compression algorithms used on the web today are gzip and brotli.

Content-Encoding: br, gzip, deflate